Superman Gets A New Yellow Power Source In Superman #29

Superman Gets A New Yellow Power Source In Superman #29

Superman #29 begins as Superman desperately searches for missing children in Metropolis all the while fearing the safety of his own child.

The main theme of this issue is fear and holding on to courage one minute longer.

Superman meets with the parents of the missing children to give them hope before he continues his search. Superman himself is afraid but knows the strength of his very presence is a symbol of hope for the parents of Metropolis.

While Superman is searching, a yellow entity is collecting children and possessing them. Jimmy Olsen mentions something about yellow in his camera lens, which provides Superman enough of a clue to track yellow lantern residue. Superman realizes the yellow is fear and follows it, leading him to two children.

The children are possessed and easily defeat Superman, but Superman is still too powerful to be completely beaten, so the kids leave. Superman reawakens and after scanning the city for Sinestro finds something much worse.

The story ends with Sinestro arriving to battle a yellow lantern possessed Superman.

The story had me on the edge wanting to know what was happening to the children. Superman’s fear made things worse. If the man of steel is afraid then this is really bad.

I think Superman having a son has made this series much better. I love watching Superman be a superhero and fight monsters, but being a father worried about his son, really grounds him and makes him relatable. Unlike Batman, whose son is left is only mentioned if the story requires it, Superman is constantly thinking about Jon, or with him.

Superman #29 is the beginning to what seems like will be a great story.


Writers: Keith Champagne, Patrick Gleason, Peter J. Tomasi

Cover Art: Ryan Sook

Art: Jaime Mendoza, Doug Mahnke


Release: 8/16/17

Issue: 29

Publisher: DC Comics




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