STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Luke’s First Words Revealed!

“Rey, I am your father.”

These are the words that many fans are expecting to hear at some stage, but is this really how Episode VIII begins?

Back in March a line from The Last Jedi was leaked where Luke says to Rey: “Who are you?”

This was widely interpreted to be his first words, but that now seems unlikely. Especially since a new leak just revealed that the words will be even “more iconic” that a certain immortal line from The Empire Strikes Back which has become the defining moment of the entire saga so far.

What could they possibly be?

Star Wars Youtube channel Mike Zeroh cites sources at Pinewood and other Star Wars sets.

He says: “With all of the news we have had the past couple of days from Entertainment Weekly, aside from all that we did learn something very much new which had to do with Luke Skywalker’s first words in The Last Jedi.

“That is that his first words will be more iconic than ‘May the Force be with you.’ It makes one wonder, what could Luke possibly say to Rey that would top ‘May the Force be with you’?”

Not only does this mean Luke’s first words need to be fittingly epic for every mug and t-shirt in town, they also need to absolutely change the audience’s perception of everything they think they know so far.Luke’s declaration in The Last Jedi teaser that “The Jedi must end” is already a tough act to follow.Daisy Ridley told the audience at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year that a lot of fans will be very surprised by Luke’s first words to Rey.Some fans think this means he will say something that acknowledges he already knows her.
 However this does not guarantee that these are actually Luke’s first words in the movie.

It could be a voiceover accompanying other images. It could be something he says to Rey later on, meaning that he is wondering about her identity and role in a large sense. Rather than the opening line of meeting a stranger, this could be a scene where he ponders on Rey’s parentage, or whether she is, in fact, the next Chosen One.


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