Star Wars: HUGE Captain Phasma “Last Jedi” News!

The movie, out in December, has kept fans talking for many reasons over recent months, with virtually every character the subject of one theory or another.

Captain Phasma, played by Gwendoline Christie, was thought to be taking her helmet off at some point, as part of increased character development.

That, however, may not be the case after all.

An alleged leak gaining traction on Reddit – despite being completely unverified – cites “an artist involved in marketing and merchandise” as saying that Phasma’s Stormtrooper gear will remain firmly in place.

He or she claims to have been sent a memo with the instruction: “…You cannot show Phasma unmasked.

“Captain Phasma’s mask stays on during the film so do not send in artwork of Gwendoline Christie’s face.”

Even Christie herself had hinted that the mask would come off during The Last Jedi.

She said coyly at D23 last month: “It would see that that is what everybody wants. Isn’t it? Everybody wants that.

“So let’s just hope that everybody gets what they want.”

She had also hinted of the movie’s overall flavour: “What I can tell you about the next Star Wars film is I think Rian does an exceptional job of going deeper, of going further, and really exploring what these relationships are.”

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