Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #3 And The Toilet Paper King

Last we left Shirtless Bear-Fighter he was captured by Brother Bear find out what he wants with him in Shirtless Bear-Fighter! #3.

In the previous issue we learned the bears who went on a rampage in the cities were controlled by Hellbilly Warlock’s magic bacon.  This bacon is able to control the mind of the eater.  Bear-Fighter went to confront Warlock, but Bear-Fighter ate some of the magic bacon.

However, Bear-Fighter eats bacon for breakfast and was able to overcome its magical powers.  When Bear-Fighter returned home he found it was on fire and the woods around it cut down and Brother Bear bopped him on the head.

At this point we see who the true villain of the story is, Jaxon Logger.  Logger heads a toilet paper company, Fuzzy Wipes.  His plan was to to convert Brother Bear and his loyalists by promising wealth and a new home.  However, all who oppose him were fed magic bacon and sent into the cities to have Bear-Fighter kill them.

I like this series and liked this issue.  The humor is done very well and I was laughing throughout the issue.  At one point Logger has two bears pull out a golden toilet and he poops on it as he is telling Bear-Fighter his plan.

Agent Silva snuck into the facility in a bear mascot costume.  She found Bear-Fighter tied to a chair with toilet paper stuffed in his mouth and asked what they did to him.

“Made me wear a shirt.  My greatest weakness,” Bear-Fighter said.

While he has a shirt on it appears he only has the strength of a normal man.

It was also revealed who the dead women was from Bear-Fighter’s past.  Her name was Clementine and her and Bear-Fighter were madly in love until Brother Bear killed her.  She was also the sister of Jaxon Logger who locked her away when he found out about the relationship with Bear-Fighter.  This is some Game of Thrones level of story.

This comic is really good, but I have no idea where it is going.  I also think they may be starting to run low on jokes.  In each issue there are less and less jokes, but it could be I am just more accustomed to the jokes now.  It could also just be a dip and in the next few issues it may ramp back up.

If you are looking for a new, fun and silly comic series to get into this is a great choice.  It has a lot of humor, but has a good story which makes sense.  The comic is not just joke after joke without a story like many humor comics.







Written by: Sebastian Girner and Jody LeHeup

Art by: Mike Spicer and Nil Vendrell

Cover by: Jacob Chabot, Andrew Robinson and Sheldon Vella

Release: 08/23/2017

Issue: 3

Publisher: Image Comics



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