Sex Criminals #20 Is Still In Its Refactory Period

After the fight between Jon and Suzie their relationship becomes more strained than ever before in Sex Criminals #20.

The Wide Wiener man bailed on the pair last minute in the previous issue.  Yet another potential ally has rejected their offer in the fight against Kegelface.

Jon’s therapist Dr. David Davis and Dr. Ana Kincaid aka Jazmine St. Cocaine’s relationship is going very well.  This issue opens with them doing what a mommy and daddy do when they love each other very much.  

As funny as this book is and it is really funny, it is about relationships.  All the people in the book are in a different form of relationship, but some have special powers.  Some are in the puppy-love stage, some are about to break-up and some have to make a major life choice.

I really enjoyed the opening with Davis and Kincaid in bed.  It examined what a relationship with a in her case former adult film actress might be like.  Davis is intimidated by her and her experience in that department, but still trying to please her.  He was very disappointed in himself he was unable to.

Davis was obsessed with being in bed with the image of St. Cocaine and not Kincaid the real person.  It was an interesting relationship and one which I have never seen explored.  Kincaid is so seemingly sure of herself and it is refreshing for her to have someone who is so timid and completely honest about his feelings.

However, Jon and Suzie are having a real hard time in their relationship.  It is really hard for me because I really want them to work it out.  They both have this unique gift which they thought they were the only person in the world with it, but they found each other.

I think they are forcing the relationship and trying to make it work rather than just letting it work itself out.  If they break-up what will happen in their war with Kegelface?  

This comic is really up and down for me.  I love every issue, but some are 5/5 and some are just 4.5/5.  It is really hard to top the Wide Wieners song from last issue.  I can’t tell you how many times I have sung that song for people.

Sex Criminals is a comic you can show your adults friends and say “see not all comics are for kids.”







Written by: Matt Fraction

Art by: Chip Zdarsky

Cover by:  Chip Zdarsky

Release: 8/02/2017

Issue: 20

Publisher: Image Comics


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