EXCLUSIVE: POWER RANGERS To Announce Special Plans For 25th Anniversary In October

Power Rangers is in its 24th year currently with Ninja Steel and next year will mark the quarter-century milestone for the beloved show. During a Power Rangers Panel at Yestercon a couple of weeks ago Chysti Ane (Power Rangers Ninja Steel) hinted that Saban Brands has something special planned for the 25 anniversary of the show. Last week on That Hashtag Show’s Live Power Rangers after show, The Ranger Wrap Up, their special guest for the return of the series was Peter Sudarso, who plays Preston on Power Rangers Ninja Steel. Peter (8:00 in the video) seemed to backup Chysti Ane statement and even gave a timetable of when we could be hearing an official announcement.

“We do have something special for the 25th anniversary. It’s related to the show, but uh, I guess you guys will see what I mean in October… I think they’re planning on announcing something this October at uh, New York Comic-Con, I think?”

Power Rangers 25th Anniversary

Jason David Frank (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) says that Saban usually has things up their sleeves so we won’t have to wait long to see what that is. JDF has expressed interested in returning to the show and Ciara Hanna (Power Rangers Megaforce) also played coy when this question was asked. Saban has done reunion shows in the past with arguably one of the best in Forever Red, reuniting all 10 Red Rangers up to that point in Power Rangers Wild Force, and Once A Ranger in Power Rangers Operation Overdrive. Both have been considered some of the best single episodes Power Rangers has ever done. Many fans were sour on the overhyped reunion of Power Rangers Super Megaforce for the 20th anniversary. Saban Brands could redeem themselves if we get the 25th anniversary that fans have been clamoring for. What do you guys think Saban has planned for its 25th anniversary? Who would you like to see return? Leave a message in the comments below.

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