STAR WARS: Possible Official Title Of The Upcoming HAN SOLO Movie Has Been Revealed

Up until now, everyone was referring to the new Star Wars spin-off movie centering around roguish Han Solo as the “Untitled Han Solo Movie”, but it appears now we may finally have an official title for the film.Twitter user Girl With The Staff has posted a page from a toy catalog which shows some of the new Star micro-fighters LEGO sets.

From the image below, if you take a close look at the left side of the image there is a logo for Han Solo: A Star Wars Story. Over the top of it is a watermark stamped across with the word “Confidential.” We still have to wait for the official word from Lucasfilm. This might not be the catchiest title but it makes sense given that the studio would follow suit with Rogue One: A Star Wars Story for their standalone adventure. We think this is pretty legit, but what do you guys think of the title? Leave a message in the comments below.

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