Paklis #4 Should Pack In More Story

Paklis #4 is here with the next chapters in Amnia Cycle, Sagittarius A* and the new story The Adventures of Lucy and Friends.

Amnia Cycle is the most robust story of the issue.  We learned at the end of last issue’s story Braeburn is a secret Nuriel.  Tara Donnia goes with Braeburn and Zigzag into the town of Zoohurst. .  Zoohurst has all its buildings in the shape of animals.  They go to the library which is shaped like owls in order to look up the names Donnia has.

Zane Raymond is on Dasra and Shanna Tyson is in Zoohurst.  When Donnia goes to visit Tyson and ask her about Amnia we find out she is a little girl.

Macronis and Zarco team up to find Donnia, but Macronis reveals his second in command is a Nuriel.  Macronis explains that in this part of space they have bigger worries than the war with the Nuriel.  The human and Nuiel have to team up to survive.

At first I had some interest in what was happening in the Amnia Cycle story, but now I am bored by it.  The story gives almost nothing new the last two issues.  I am dying for something exciting to happen, but nothing does.  We still know nothing about Amnia and I don’t even remember where she is.  It also doesn’t look like we are going to get any answers any time soon.

Sagittarius A* boils down to flying to the destination, asked where got the captain got his scars and then he tells him he got it in the war and begins to tell him.  However, we don’t get to hear the story.  I would love to be able to hear the story.  It may be interesting and entertaining because the rest of the Sagittarius A* story sure isn’t.

The Adventures of Lucy and Friends is a story by Dustin Weaver’s daughter, Lucy.  She dictated the story to her father when she was 2.  It is an adorable story, but doesn’t fit in with the tone of the book.  It is not surprisingly at the same level of the rest of the comic.

I can appreciate wanting to share Lucy’s work, but this is not the right venue for that.  A major problem with this series is not giving the reader enough story to grasp onto,  However, a chunk of the issue has a story written by a 2-year-old girl when that space could have been given to the Amnia Cycle or Sagittarius A* stories.  If Weaver really wanted to share Lucy’s story he should have sent it to a children’s comic company.

Weaver was given space to write about anything he wants in this anthology comic.  He likes the two main stories and I think they have potential, but he needs to give the reader more story.  I would also love to have the third story different and amazing.  Each issue I am excited to see what the third story will be.

I should be excited for the next installment of Amnia Cycle and Sagittarius A*, but I am not.  It would be great if at least one of the three stories was entertaining.  However, this issue failed to deliver on that wish.







Written by: Dustin Weaver

Art by: Dustin Weaver

Cover by: Dustin Weaver

Release: 8/30/2017

Issue: 4

Publisher: Image Comics


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