Overwatch Summer Games Skins: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Overwatch has become notoriously popular for the events they release with the special skins for each person’s beloved heroes. Fans and players alike hold the breath in anticipation, waiting to see what the skins are and hoping their main (favorite character) got one too.


The first event the incredibly popular Blizzard game released was the Summer Games in July 2016, just a couple of months after the game’s release. The game at that time was still trying to gain popularity, as it was brand new, although it did have the shoulders of the giant Blizzard to ride on.

Fast forward to a year later, Blizzard has created their second summer games event, and it was released today to thirsty fans. But don’t worry, Blizzard delivered a healthy amount of water to quench a lot of fan girls and boys alike.


First off to the bat is a character that rarely gets any legendary skin love, and that’s one of my personal favorites as well, Junkrat! This skin seems to be inspired by cricket, and isn’t spectacular, but at least Junkrat got something!

Next we have fan favorite, everyone’s favorite healer and support, Mercy. She’s sporting an ethereal Grecian goddess aesthetic that is to die for. Except, heroes never die.

This was a complete surprise, and fans are eating it up, its Reaper’s BMX styled skin! Sporting the Overwatch orange and an awesome skull as a cape, Reaper has always aired on the side of edgy, so this is perfect for him.

An interesting take on this next character because of a hair dye job, but it is lifeguard McCree. McCree, the American, gun weilding hero, sporting lifeguard attire, an awesome tan, sun kissed blonde

hair, a straw hat,  and a spectacular belt that read SAMF. We know that the AMF stands for “ass mother fucker” so the S is for us to guess. Salty, sandy, safe, and sexy are all good options.

Sombra is given some love with a sporty beach attire skin, which is something I would totally and do rock going to the beach. It fits her playful, fast, and strong personality.

Next up is the jaw dropping, breath taking Widowmaker. Sporting a bikini with a cover up for some modesty, Widowmaker seems to be the fan favorite. She looks, and is, incredibly deadly.

And finally, my favorite of this entire set, is GrillDaddy 76, or Soldier 76 in beach attire. Soldier, constantly seen by the fans as a father figure, represents on in this beach themed Overwatch event. He’s sporting socks and sandals, a hawaiian shirt, sunglasses, beers on his arm instead of ammunition (well beers are kind’ve like ammunition) and the best part: his rifle. On it is an amazing sticker that says “a salt rifle.” A dad joke. On the rifle. I am floored.


Along with these legendary skins, Blizzard has re-released last year’s summer games skins for purchase at the low cost price of 1000 coins. Which is great for Blizzard fans because they get another chance at grabbing these skins, and if they don’t get lucky to get them, they can always buy it for a lot more affordable of a price than 3000 coins, which is what the legendaries are sat at.

Game modes that were released for this year’s summer games include Lucioball, a huge fan favorite that was in great demand. Now, to up the ante, Blizzard has created a ranked, competitive version of LucioBall.

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