Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth Takes Readers Behind The Moon

New keys are crafted and used in Locke & Key: Heaven and Earth see what their abilities are.

The Locke & Key series is a horror comic by Joe Hill.  Keyhouse is the ancestral home of the Locke family.  Lockes have lived on the property for hundreds of years.  They have also created magical keys.

Each key opens a lock.  The keys are able to unlock special things.  One key is able to change the gender of the person and another is able to make the person into a ghost.

Three stories are included in the comic, but it is really only two because the last story is only a few pages.

The first story is Open The Moon.  In 1912 a father is dealing with his sick son, Ian.  Ian has big hopes and dreams.  He wants to go on adventures and do something memorable with his life.  However, Ian gets major seizures and it limits his activities greatly.  Ian’s father questions how long his son has to live.

The father buys a hot air balloon and decides to take a trip with his son.  He also has a key crafted.  Ian, his father and their handyman, Harland, take the balloon up and explore.  They go up to the moon and unlock it.  At this point it is obvious they used a key to see the sights below.

They see cowboys and native Americans watching a movie together and they see the funeral of a Japanese poet-king.  As Ian sees more sights long dead relatives come out to greet the trio.

It appears the key was crafted to unlock the door between life and death.  Ian is being dropped off on the other side to go on adventures with his dead relatives.  He will no longer have to feel pain and seizures or anything else associated with his medical condition.

The father did this as an act of mercy and it got me right in the feels.  This is a horror book, but this story was a nice heartfelt story of a father and son.

Grindhouse is the second story in the issue.  A group of robbers go to keyhouse to rob it.  One of the robbers used to be the gardener at the home three years previous.

The group force themselves in and attempt to rape the two women of the house.  These women have keys which can unlock extraordinary things.  The robbers get more than they bargained for and will not leave the same way if they leave at all.

This story is a good introduction to the keys.  The reader gets to see some of the keys and how they work.  It is also a good introduction to the tone of the story and how dark it can get.

I really enjoyed this comic and I enjoyed the series as a whole.  The series is over, but they are releasing these standalone stories every so often and I love it.  More Locke & Key is always a good thing.

I’m giving issue as a whole a 4.5/5.  Open The Moon is a 5/5 and Grindhouse is a ⅘ and thus a 4.5/5.








Written by: Joe Hill

Art by:  Gabriel Rodriguez and Jay Fotos

Cover by:  Gabriel Rodriguez

Release: 8/16/2017

Issue: N/A

Publisher: IDW Publishing


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