Kevin Eastman Turns to Kickstarter for DRAWING BLOOD

Kevin Eastman Turns to Kickstarter for DRAWING BLOOD, Vol 1: A Graphic Novel

Kevin Eastman turns to Kickstarter to support his new project: Drawing Blood, which is a dark comedy about a professional artist that has lost his will to draw. Eastman co-created the story with David Allone, who scripted Drawing Blood and artist Ben Bishop, with Eastman doing some sequentials.

Eastman, Bishop, Avallone

Drawing Blood follows Shane “Books” Bookman in his forties, broke, and tapped out of inspiration. The Kickstarter page explains that Shane Bookman and his brother, Paul, created Radically Rearranged Ronin Ragdolls in 1992, which unsuspectingly became a multi-million dollar franchise. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s what happened to Kevin Eastman and his best friend, Peter Laird when they created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Eastman’s graphic novel is not a biopic, but it does pull from Kevin’s experience as an over the night successful artist. Kevin describes this series as taking, “you into the darkest corners of a mad world only talked about in the hotel bars of a comic con.” If you are an artist or interested in the life of a comic book artist, this sounds like the best insight one can get.

The Kickstarter for Drawing Blood ends August 26th and depending on the size of the donation, prizes are given. For only $10 you can get the entire first volume sent a digital copy to your email. Each donation comes with different prizes such as cover variants and autographs.

Time is running out, click here to donate if Kevin Eastman’s Drawing Blood sounds like the book for you.

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