If You Could Make One Comic Book Hero Real, Who Would It Be?

The world is under threat. A mysterious ship has suddenly appeared in our solar system and is fast making its approach to Earth. Efforts to contact the ship have proved fruitless, and people are starting to panic. Public faith in the world’s governments’ abilities to protect us against this threat is pretty much nonexistent, and so the people turn to their hero…

Who will it be?

The odds are 5/1 that you already believe that aliens live among us disguised as humans, so who do you think would you want to be the hero to save the day when the mother ship lands to enslave us all?

Of all the heroes we’ve read about, watched in movies, or pretended to be when we were growing up, who is the one superhero that you know would handle this apparent alien invasion with his or her hands tied behind their back?

We can forget about most of the mainstream characters right off the bat. Batman would be useless unless the aliens decide to fight him one at a time. Spider-Man would be overwhelmed in a double-quick time ambush. And as for Wolverine or most of the X-Men for that matter, they just wouldn’t be able to cope.

No, this is a situation that calls for powers of a freakish nature. For such a massive task, you’ll need someone with a range of powers or a strength of such a magnitude that nothing could stop him or her.

Could Thor be the answer? After all, who can defeat the Norse legend? Thor’s strengths are impressive as is his moral code, add to that the fact that he has no apparent weaknesses and it looks like we’re onto a winner. Unfortunately, though, it could be said that Thor suffers from a berserker’s madness and in his berserk rage, he could, in fact, do far more damage than good. So, while he’s a good choice, we’ll have a look at someone else first.

What about Superman? A frightening range of powers that would suggest that he could handle anything that the aliens throw at him … oh yeah, except for Kryptonite. Yes, his weakness is pretty astounding to be fair and any hero that is reduced to a quivering mess at the mere sight of Kryptonite shouldn’t really have the fate of the world in their hands.

Could Dr. Manhattan handle the task? His powers are certainly up to it, and seemingly there’s no limit to his abilities, but he is quite the apathetic hero. He simply may not care enough to help out, which is kind of an important feeling when tasked with protecting the world.

The aptly named Martian Manhunter could be the answer, as his list of powers is similar to Superman’s. Plus, he has those nine different senses and the power of regeneration. Having said that though, like Dr. Manhattan, he may just not care enough about Earth to want to get involved with an alien horde.

No, forget the others, this is a job for the Silver Surfer. He looks like a prime candidate, especially given his experience with alien invasions. Devastating powers and the intelligence to negotiate should it come to that make him an ideal choice. He’s also a hero with a conscience, and we can just imagine how far he would go to keep his word to protect the Earth.

Of course, this is just our opinion. What about you? Who would you choose as the guardian of Earth? But remember, you can only choose one.


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