EXCLUSIVE: Three New Heroes Set to Join DC’s ‘Titans’

Back in mid-June, we gave you the first look at the character breakdowns for DC’s upcoming series, Titans. Production is set to begin this fall on the show, which will debut on DC’s new streaming service,  and as such, casting has begun for some key roles. It appears, however, that the original crew of Nightwing, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy won’t be on their own in their quest for justice. We have an exclusive first look at  3 additional heroes set to appear in DC’s Titans!

Hawk and Dove

The vigilante duo Hawk and Dove have gone through several iterations in the comics since their introduction in 1968 and have certainly crossed paths with the Titans on more than one occasion. Originally a pair of crime-fighting brothers (Don and Hank Hall), several other heroes have taken up the mantles over the years and the show seems to be taking some liberties and coming up with a new combination here. They are recurring guest star with the option for series regulars.  While there’s not much of a description for Hawk here’s Dove’s character breakdown.

MOLLY Recurring Female (25-30) [Open ethnicity] Graceful master fighting machine. She straddles the world of being a thrill-seeking and do-gooding vigilante, along with being her crime fighting partner’s emotional anchor and caregiver. She loves him, but fears what he’s become…RECURRING GUEST STAR WITH SERIES REGULAR OPTION.

While we don’t know which of the many potential aliases the duo will be using, it appears that this crime fighting duo are also in love with each other. And while the love working together to clean up the streets, Dove is beginning to see that Hawk may be taking things a bit too far.

DC is interested in Alan Ritchson and Rebecca Rittenhouse for the roles of Hawk and Dove, but as now neither of those actors are reported to have signed on for the roles. If Ritchson looks familiar to DC fans, it’s from his role as Arthur Curry on Smallville. More recently he’s worked as Thad on Blue Mountain State and as Raphael in the two recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films. Rittenhouse is a little newer to the scene but has been doing quite a bit of TV work with appearances on Red Band Society, Blood & Oil and The Mindy Project. Again, these are actors in which DC is interested in the roles, so they give us the type of actor they are looking for and DO NOT represent a final, confirmed casting.

Amy Rohrbach

In our original report on the series leads we mentioned that we thought the inspiration for this version of Dick Grayson would be coming from the 90’s Nightwing series in which he was a member of the corrupt Bludhaven PD and that might open up a few possibilities for additional cast. One name we dropped was his partner, Detective Amy Rohrbach, and now we have word that the studio is indeed looking to cast someone in the role! Here’s what they’re looking for:

DET AMY ROHRBACH Supporting Female (25-35) [OPEN] She is the detective alongside Dick Grayson who knows more than she lets on. Pretty, has tattoos, 

In the comics, Rohrbach was one of the only clean cops working in Bludhaven and grew to trust and appreciate Grayson over the years. Eventually moving on to become captain of the Bludhaven PD, Rohrbach ultimately discovered that Grayson was Nightwing, but chose to keep his secret and protect his identity.

Stay tuned to That Hashtag Show as we aren’t quite done yet bringing you further development on Titans!

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