Disney Throw Backs Currently Happening

Disney is paying attention to their fan base, and the strong love they have for their retro Disney hits.

Recently, Disney has re-created the animated hit Ducktales, and bringing it back to television with hit stars as the voices of all your favorite characters. They also have a new Raven show, Raven’s home. Recently at the Her Universe show, it was announced that all the Disney shows we loved in the 90’s and 00’s will also have hot fashionable merchandise to rep!

The latest announcement A Goofy Movie special event at The El Capitan Theatre, from August 25th – September 4th. Tickets are on sale at https://elcapitantheatre.com/. You can even take a picture with Max before each screening of the movie! Max is incredibly rare in the parks, usually only showing up during breakfast at some of the participating restaurants at the park, so this is a special treat for Disney fans of all age.

If throwback Disney classics are your jam, the El Capitan has a Lion King sing along as well as showings of Tron.

Go get your (retro) Disney on! And here’s hope to more old school Disney coming back, maybe Darkwing Duck or Gargoyles? Here’s wishing, on all the stars and lamps you can find!


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