DC Collectible Statue Line Inspires Gotham City Garage #1

Gotham City Garage #1

Inspired by the DC Collectibles statue line, Gotham City Garage takes place decades after Governor Lex Luthor has turned Gotham City into a Utopia — of sorts.

Much like the film Equilibrium, Luthor’s Gotham City is only a Utopia if its citizens’ programming doesn’t misfire. If it does, then robotic Batmen, led by The Batman, “restore the status quo”.

One citizen, Kara Gordon considers herself the unluckiest girl in all of Gotham. Luthor’s programming has no effect on her, and she is forced to live with all of the fears and sadness regular human experiences.

Except, Kara is not human. We find at the end of the issue, much like her otherworldly counterpart Supergirl, Kara is not from Earth. Her adoptive father, Commissioner Gordon, alludes to her secret origin, right before he’s imperative remark, “Get to the sun!”

After Kara escapes the red domed city of Gotham, she finds herself bathed in yellow sun and the ability to fly. Her new powers are short lived as she is shot down by the Batman, only to be saved by what looks like a biker gang resistance.

In issue one, we are introduced to the world of Gotham City Garage and its players. This feels like it is going to be a promising series. There have been many iterations of post-apocalyptic worlds, most similar being the Mad Max series, and it is always interesting to explore what life could be like in the future. Add in DC’s superheroic universe you have the making of a very interesting what if story.

I’m interested to see how Kara’s powers will develop and what relationship she will build with this biker gang. Has Superman existed in the past and does Luthor know how to deal with a Kryptonian? He must, given the red dome covering Gotham, right? Kara could probably topple the Utopia single handed when she gains control of her new powers, but not if Luthor is prepared for a Kryptonian. These are the questions I cannot wait to have answered in future issues.

Gotham City Garage #1 is available now.

Writers: Collin Kelly, Jackson Lanzing

Cover Art: Rafael Albuquerque

Art: Brian Ching


Release: 8/16/17

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics



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