Come Meet My Brother In Seven To Eternity #8

Javalia’s brother Lovro works fast to save his long lost sister from the swamp illness.  Katie Osidis and Goblin face execution at the hands of some of the Mud King’s minions in Seven To Eternity #8.  

Lovro is able to save his sister’s life and he gets to see his sister for the first time since they were children.

The once beautiful village of Gliff is now in shambles after Lovro heard the Mud King’s offer.  Lovro reveals the truth about what happened the day Javalia was taken.

This was a pretty slow issue and really added very little to the story.  We learned a little more about Javalia and her family.  The crew got a new member in Dragan the sell-sword with the frog who eats gold.

Dragan is a tricky individual as he sold out Katie for gold, but now he is working for Javalia for gold.  I think this alliance may dissolve real quick, but I am sure if it happens it will be at the worst time.  Dragan has already said he makes choices which will get him the most money.

Adam Osidis and the Mud King Garlis were not seen in this issue.  I like Adam and I want to see more from him.  Having to travel with Garlis has already been interesting, but now Garlis doesn’t have a gag or is not restrained.  Garlis appears to be on Adam’s side and be willing to heal him, but Garlis is a real you-know-what.

This whole comic has been very good, but I feel like this is a better comic to read once it is complete or at least volume to volume.  It is hard to really enjoy the series without being able to take a step back and look at the big picture.

If I was able to look at it as a whole story and see where it came from to where it ends I think that is the best way to consume it.  Each issue starts and I start walking and then it ends and I have to stop.  I would loved to be able to walk the whole time from beginning to end without stopping.  I am basically saying I wish each issue wouldn’t end and I want more.

One of the things this series is known for is its art.  This issue does not disappoint. Jerome Opena usually draws these issues, but this week James Harren took over and I couldn’t even tell.  Opena is an amazing artist, but Harren was able to keep up to tremendous art level of the series.  Matt Hollingsworth colored the issue which helped keep it at such a high level.

I can feel the heat of the room or the breeze coming in through a window.  The art is detailed, but not overly detailed to where it can be distracting.  

Seven To Eternity #8 is a showcase of an epic fantasy story and shows what is possible when high level story and high level art meet.







Written by: Rick Remender

Art by: James Harren and Matt Hollingsworth

Cover by:  Matt Hollingsworth and Jerome Opena

Release: 8/02/2017

Issue: 8

Publisher: Image Comics

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