Brand New Disney Official Mouse Ears Design

The most iconic Disney accessory is a a Minnie ear band for any Disney fan to rock. In the classic black with the red bow with white polka dots has evolved over the seasons. Now we have blue for the 60th anniversary, a silver one, a wedding one, a princess one, and different ones for princesses and villains.

Many Disney fans love the ears so much and have their own creative take on them that they create their own ears. Ears decked out with wires instead of the black mouse ear, leds, plenty of plastic flowers that of course match the character, fabrics covering the ear, and so much more adorn the fans that attend Disneyland.

Now, Disney is officially changing the game. Brand new mouse ears with exchangeable bows are coming to the parks.

The release of these ears is set for September, and boy oh boy, do they look great!

These first featured at D23 in the Dream Store, and sold out the fastest. Ariel was the best seller, of course.

The starter set is $28.95, and the bows are $16.95 each.

Designs now include Ariel, Aurora, a silver/black Minnie bow, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, Cruella de Ville, and hopefully more!



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