What Amazon’s The Tick Gets Right

If you were a fan of the original Tick series, whether it was the animated version or the 2001 series starring Patrick Warburton, you’ll instantly notice a big difference with Amazon’s version: there’s a ton more backstory. Before it seemed like the Tick just existed and no one really questioned it, but now we get a look at the world around them and how they are dealing with the existence of superheroes as well as a new focus on his sidekick Arthur.

Peter Serafinowics’ rendition of the Tick is spot on. His representation is very reminiscent of the character’s portrayal we’ve seen in the past paired with a well written script. It almost seems like the writers must have watched tons of old tick episodes and read numerous comics to really get a feel for his voice and I feel like they succeeded.

Superheroes are a popular subject of today’s pop culture and it seems like Amazon wanted this series to compete with that, but in a comical sort of way. The Tick pokes fun at what a typical superhero should be like and it’s quite enjoyable. In this series we get to see the campier side, with normal human Arthur (played by Griffin Newman) just trying to live his life while unwillingly getting sucked into crime fighting by an over cheerful superhero.

The series is also visually stimulating, with realistic and high quality costumes that look like something the heroes can actually fight in. The Tick’s iconic blue garb even gets improved after the first episode with an added joke about it. And although the CGI isn’t what I would call top notch, it doesn’t distract from the enjoyment and feel of the show.

I am pleased with this rendition of The Tick and have already binged the first 6 episodes of season 1, which is up now on Amazon Video. The remaining episodes will be added hopefully early 2018.

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