Ghostbusters 101 Concludes With an Anti-Climatic Finish

After the prime Ghostbuster’s interns fooled around with a dimensional portal, a ghost managed to get halfway through. The other half of the ghost remained in Answer the Call Ghostbuster’s reality. This split caused the dimensions to collapse and the two teams of Ghostbusters teamed up in an effort to restore balance and return everyone to their proper dimension.

The story until this point has been really interesting. It’s always interesting to see to variations from different¬†dimensions or otherworldly teams meet up and discuss their differences. It’s a fun what-if story. We’ve seen stories like this countless times. Spider-Man recently had a massive trans-dimensional adventure in “Spider-Verse” and the ended with ramifications. The Ghostbusters once teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which is actually how they received their trans-dimensional portal.

The final issue of this Ghostbusters 101 storyline felt underwhelming and The solution felt simple and most of the comic is re-explaining the plot over and over again to different people. There was one hiccup in the plan and not much debate over a risky solution.

Dr. Yates from Answer the Call Ghostbusters came to the Prime Ghostbusters dimensions and went through a moment of existentialism. She felt that the Prime Ghostbusters had done everything she was excited to invent. Her life felt meaningless. She revolved his existentialist thinking in a previous issue. Issue 6 lacked that resolution. The end of the story did not carry the internal struggle. Issue 6 already resolved it, there was no major character growth at the end of this story.

Hopefully, following stories will see these two teams reunite for more stories, but this issue was the weakest.

Story: Ghostbusters 101

Writer: Erik Burnham

Cover Art: Bart Sears

Art: Dan Schoening

Colors: Luis Antonio Delgado

Release: 8/30/17

Issue: 6

Publisher: IDW Justin Tucker Authentic Jersey