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5. Will Jon and Dany get it on and conceive a baby dragon of their own? More importantly will they find out they’re related?

Half of me thinks that the showrunners will torture us by never making it known to the characters that Jon is a Targaryen, but since his parentage has been a thing since season one they are definitely going to give us the payoff we seek. However, will this happen before or after Jon and Dany do more than eye-fuck each other. Will the fact that they are aunt and nephew even matter? Targaryens were known to conceive within the family as to keep their bloodlines pure, so Dany might keep at least one of those Targaryen traditions running. I will say this. I do not ship Jon and Dany. I like the fact that she considers the dragons to be her children, and that she has these men who fall in love with her in the short time that they know her, but that she is ultimately unattainable.