All Star Batman 13 is Heart Pounding

All Star Batman 13 is Heart Pounding

Issue 13 of All Star Batman starts out with Batman pinned against a wall with Gordan and his men guns ready to fire. This is a dream sequence of Alfreds. Issue 13 continues the father/son theme Snyder has been building since the beginning of this story.

In Snyder style, the story focuses on two stories that intersect. One story is Alfred’s past where we see him guided through a dangerous mission. Our main story is in the present. Alfred reflects on how his mentor led him through missions, much like he helps Batman. Alfred knows this dynamic ends in tragedy and wonders why he hasn’t tried to stop Bruce from being Batman.

Batman is badly hurt but continues his mission. Batman is caught off guard, which forces Alfred to become a badass.

Although Alfred is connecting his past life to Bruce’s current, it’s different. Alfred’s mentor role is different from his mentor, Briar. Bruce and Alfred chose their paths for different reasons. Alfred thinks of himself as more than Batman’s mentor, he thinks of Bruce’s step in father.

There is another theme at play. Pirates are used to describe Alfred and Batman. They’re both boys that ran away from their parents to join pirate but return home before they realize how dangerous the pirates are. Alfred never returned home, and he hopes that Bruce will before it’s too late.

The second All Star Batman story see’s Batman finally face off against Vik. She is not afraid of the Batman costume and attacks ruthlessly. Batman works to figure out a way to defeat Vik and leaves, deciding that hand to hand combat may not be the best way at this point.

One mistake I noticed, in issue 12, Batman’s belt is taken, but he has his belt throughout the entirety of issue 13.

All Star Batman 13 is another fantastic story by Scott Snyder and the art only raises the bar.


Story: All Star Batman

Writer: Scott Snyder

Cover Art: Rafael AlbuquerqueArt: Sebastian Fiumara, Rafael Albuquerque

Colors: Luis Antonio Delgado

Release: 8/30/17

Issue: 13

Publisher: DC Comics


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