Wynonna’s Past Returns in Wynonna Earp: Season Zero Issue 1

 Wynonna’s Past Returns in Wynonna Earp: Season Zero

What will Wynonna do when a bloody harbinger from her past returns?

The opening issue of “Season Zero” focuses on family. As an Earp, Wynonna’s life has always been about family, but the Earps, she explains, never felt was a real family. A flashback into Wynonna’s past tells us about a biker gang she met while running and how it was the closest she has ever felt to having a family until now. After the flashback, we see Wynonna’s group arguing about how best to stop the encroaching danger coming for Wynonna. It’s a perfect scene with family as its subtext. The group argues like the true family Wynonna has been searching for, ending the issue, as she prepares for war.

Artist Angel Hernandez does a wonderful job of capturing Syfy’s Wynonna Earp (highly recommend watching) actresses/actors likeness in this issue. Hernandez nails facial expressions, making Doc’s dynamite comment truly funny. Jay Fotos coloring assists in bringing the Earps and others to life.

Wynonna Earp: Season Zero promises to be classic gunslinging Earp tale, that will provide insight into what helped mold Wynonna into what she is today.


Story: Beau Smith and Tim Rozon

Written: Beau Smith

Art: Angel Hernandez

Cover: Chris Evenhuis

Colors: Jay Fotos

Letters: Christa Miesner

Editor: Ted Adams

Release: 07/12/17

Issue: 1

Publisher: IDW Publishing

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