Tom Welling is coming to Lucifer for Season 3!

Somebody save me! Tom Welling will be joining the cast of Lucifer for Season 3! Now it makes sense why he was wandering around San Diego Comic Con all weekend. This will be Tom’s first series role since Smallville went off the air back in 2011.

Welling will portray Marcus Pierce, an accomplished Detroit PD lieutenant who recently transferred to Los Angeles in pursuit of a criminal he’s been chasing for years. Lieutenant Pierce is driven, brilliant and two steps ahead at all times. On top of that, he’s charming as hell. I’m sure this won’t annoy (or threaten) Lucifer one bit. Nope. Not at all. Especially not when Pierce starts to develop a connection with Decker. Personally, I CAN’T WAIT! Welcome back to my television Tom Welling. I’ve missed you.

Check out the Season 3 Promo Trailer Dropped at SDCC this weekend and get pumped!

Lucifer returns to FOX for Season 3 October 2, at 8pm! I know I will be watching. Will you?




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