Need More Wonder Woman? Professor Marston & the Wonder Women Releases Its First Trailer

Professor Marston & the Wonder Women

Luke Evans (Dr. Marston) Rebecca Hall (Elizabeth) Bella Heathcote (Olive Bryne)

Warner Bro.’s Wonder Woman is breaking records left and right, and you might think, ugh, I have to wait until Justice League to see more Wonder Woman! Well, you would be wrong.

Coming this October, Professor Marston & the Wonder Women will look at the man who created Wonder Woman and the women that influenced him. Professor Marston & the Wonder Women is a biographical drama about the polyamorous relationship between, Elizabeth Holloway Marston, her husband William Moulton Marston, Olive Byrne.

Dr. William Moulton Marston received his Ph.D. in psychology from Harvard in 1921. With a suggestion from his wife, Elizabeth, Marston invented a blood pressure test; which linked blood pressure to emotions. Similar to Wonder Woman’s lasso of truth. Dr. Marston was also interested in power over people. His student, Olive, assisted in his research.

Dr. Marston’s polyamorous relationship was considered wrong, and his violent and submissive Wonder Woman comic was met with much controversy. Parents were burning comics Around the time that the Wonder Woman comic debuted because they believed it made children violent and gay. We can see a glimpse of the burnings in the trailer.

The film seems to focus on Dr. Marston and the two women in his life, it’s exciting to see a movie that will address the rough patch of history in the comic books. I hope this movie leads to more biographic films about comic book creators in the future.

Professor Marston & the Wonder Woman hits screens October 27th, 2017.


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