First Look At STAR WARS Land From D23

During Disney’s D23 is currently going on in Anaheim, CA and attendees were treated to their first look at their new Star Wars themed area. While most people have just been referring to it as “Star Wars Land” We actually don’t have an official name for it yet, but chances are, regardless of what Disney decides to call it, everyone will still refer to it by that name.

Both the Orlando and Anaheim parks will be exactly the same and are scheduled to open on the same day in 2019. One of the two major attractions will allow guests to pilot the Millennium Falcon and the other will put you right in the middle of a battle between the First Order and The Resistance. Each entrance also represents one side of the war. The Resistance entry will have a life sized X-Wing in front of what looks to be a compound and the First Order side will be flanked by Tie Fighters.

The area is being described as a giant immersive Theater experience. Scott Trowbridge, states “A lot of theme park experiences, including our own, are great re-creations of stories — and places where stories happen,” and that “We didn’t want to remind you of a ‘Star Wars’ story somebody else had. We wanted to give a place to live your own ‘Star Wars’ story.”

Imagineer Chris Beatty said “If you want to be a bounty hunter and you want to go on a cool mission, we’ll let you do that. There will be moments where we support that, where we let you play.” If everything they’re planning comes to fruition, the Star Wars park sounds like it will be the more interactive than anything either Disney or its rival Universal Studios, even with the Harry Potter area, has done to date.

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