Prepare for Spider-Man: Homecoming with this Vulture Themed Watch-List!

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man is another Spider-Man animation that ended too early.

The slicker animation allowed for quicker movement in the animation, which is exactly what you want to see in a Spider-Man animation. Spider-Man could ricochet off of a wall at lightning speed. Spider-Man fought more spider-like in this animation too, using his webbing more often than previous interpretations.

The Vulture was the main villain of episode one, but the show had many other villains show up. The first episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man was jam packed with character introductions. I scratched my head wondering how a half-hour animation could balance so many characters, and plots, in one episode, when Spider-Man films given more time with fewer characters have failed.

The Spectacular Spider-Man is the third series to introduce the Vulture attempting to capture an Osborne, and it’s not the last.

I’m not sure why the creators chose to change the color scheme of Vulture’s costume from green to red, but it works. The more cartoonish style also gives the Vulture a longer nose, making Toomes look more vulture.

The Vulture’s goal in episode one is simply to have Norman Osborne apologize for stealing his work. Norman never apologizes and Spider-Man defeats the Vulture. After episode one, the Vulture becomes a member of the Sinister-Six and is usually the first member of the group defeated by Spider-Man.

The Vulture appears in the following episodes:

Season 1

1 “Survival of the Fittest”

11 “Group Therapy”

Season 2

16 “Reinforcement”

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