POWER RANGERS Originally Had A Different Post-Credits Scene

While the Power Rangers film didn’t do tremendous numbers at the box-office, all of us Power Rangers fan are anxiously awaiting a sequel it was revealed that the post credit scene tease could have been a lot different according to writer John Gatkin. As we know, most big blockbuster films have post credit scenes that tease  a follow-up film. In Power Rangers, this is no different. Just to refresh your memory the scene is the Rangers sitting in detention while the teacher is going through roll call and when he calls Tommy Oliver there is no response. The camera pans to a green jacket on an empty chair.

According to the writer of the film John Gatkin that scene was originally a lot different. During the audio commentary that was transcribed by Comic Book, it was originally a fight that introduced the future Green Ranger. “Well we were going to have that there was a brawl in the lunch room,” said Gatins “And a couple of our kids saying: ‘Man, what happened?’ ‘Dude there was this violent fight. There’s this one crazy kid, the new kid.’ ‘Which kid, Tommy Oliver?’ ‘Yeah’. So you would have felt like Tommy dropped into their world.” Director Dean Isrealite talked about why he thought that scene didn’t work. “It didn’t work to be in this cafeteria where we had only spent one second [of the movie] in.” 

We doubt that the original post credit scene was ever shot, but it’s great to hear stories like this. We’re still holding out for a sequel to the film, but no news yet. What do you guys think of the original post credit scene that introduced Tommy? Leave a message in the comments below.





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