POWER RANGERS: New Concept Art For Elizabeth Banks’ Green Ranger Suit Has Been Revealed



Many guessed it thanks to promos and set photos that Rita Repulsa was the original Green Ranger in Lionsgate’s Power Rangers Movie, but still, some were surprised to see Elizbeth Banks’ character dawning the fully morphed suit as the infamous sixth ranger in the film. Now, we’re not sure we’ll be getting a sequel to the popular TV show turned movie but if we do, we’ll likely see this suit return in some form as the powers will get passed to Tommy Oliver or the female iteration of the character that a lot of fans are clamoring for. Earlier this week, Lindsey Crums from  Weta Workshop as the digital sculptor/ concept artist has released never-before-seen original concept art from the film, giving us our best look at the Green Ranger suit along with the Red and Blue Rangers.

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