New Character Coming To Heroes of the Storm!

New Character Coming To HotS

Heroes of the Storm has been on a roll this year as it reveals another new character in the latest HotS In Development trailer. Fans of WoW rejoice, Garrosh Hellscream is coming in the next package launch!

Garrosh is joining the Warrior class so start sharpening your Gorehowl and get ready to dive head first into battle. His strengths include solo tank, initiation and CC and his Basic abilities consist of:

-Groundbreaker (slams the ground creating a shockwave and pulling enemies forward)

-Bloodthurst (slash of the axe which gains percentage of health)

-Wrecking Ball (throws enemy to targeted location)

His Heroic Abilities include:

-Warlord’s Challenge (taunts enemies to attack him)

-Decimate (damages and slows nearby enemies)

Garrosh Skin Variations

Garrosh will be coming with a special skin “Mad Axe Garrosh” as well as some color variations.

New Mount

Garrosh will also be accompanied by a new mount called the Road Boar which will asl come with color variations.

Other Additions

The package launch will also be adding new skins for ETC, Anub’arak, and Li-Ming as well as color variations for pre-existing skins. We can also expect new sprays and portraits and I’m not much of spray person but I am digging these new card suit designs.

Also this new D.Va skin is so cute! :3

Check out the complete In Development trailer below for all the details coming in the next character package. See ya in the Nexus!

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