Jigsaw Is Ready To Play Another Game


Who knew that in 2004 those six words would instill a sense of dread?

Just when you thought that the game was finally over, Lionsgate came out with news last summer that was pleasing to my ears about an eight installment being green lit. The production was filmed almost entirely in secret over the course of a month last fall. Since last year’s announcement we haven’t received much news about it until last week when Lionsgate released the film’s poster and announced that Tobin Bell was going to do a signing at Comic-Con this year.

For awhile there the film had been going by the title, Saw: Legacy, but has obviously been simplified to, Jigsaw.

I like the name change, because it differentiates itself from the pack, and it feels weightier. I can tell you the plots of all the SAW films after 4, but I can’t tell you which film it belongs to. The same thing with the Friday the 13th, and Nightmare on Elm Street series.

The excitement is real with your neighborhood scream queen. The first SAW was an epic game changer, while in my opinion the sequels after the third one became stale and uninspiring. However, for some reason I craved an eighth film.

Now there hasn’t been much released in terms of the plot or main characters. The only recognizable name in the franchise is that of Tobin Bell, who has appeared in the last four films in flashback or video sequences.  Jigsaw directors, Peter and Michael Spierig will be appearing on the Reinventing Horror panel at San Diego Comic Con on Friday, July 21st, and I would be willing to wager that a teaser will be revealed either during the panel or sometime that day. I’ll try and get in there ya’ll!

With only three months until its release the film shouldn’t go too much longer without a teaser or a trailer. So both Cult of Chucky and Jigsaw will be released in October! Is this going to be a great October or what?

Make sure you catch Jigsaw at a theater near you on Friday, October 27th, and if that’s not the perfect theater trip for Halloween weekend then I don’t know what is.

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