In Another Room – A Mystery Awaits

Credit: In Another Room (@inanotherroom)

For the past couple of months, people have been observing myserious visual happenings on an Instagram account that has been linked to a W. Morrow. Through these visual images, we have been able to look into his case files where occupants of a seemingly normal house have died in mysterious ways. Some instances have been suicidal in nature despite the sheer lack of warning signs.

In recent weeks, the images on the Instagram accout have grown immensely dark. Something is not right. W. Morrow had entered the home but, the more we’ve seen on the Instagram account, the more we’ve become concerned. There is a madness that has taken hold and all we have been able to do is watch.

Now we may be getting an opportunity to enter this mysterious home and investigate the supernatural mysteries behind its doors that may have taken hold of W. Morrow:

E3W Productions is pleased to announce an unprecedented opportunity for paranormal enthusiasts. Our team has gained exclusive access to one of the most notorious houses in Los Angeles, known for its extensive history of mysterious deaths and unexplainable phenomena. For the first time ever we will be opening the doors to this strange and melancholy house and inviting volunteers to explore the richly storied rooms for help with our investigative research. Whether or not you will encounter something otherworldly during your visit is unclear, but with the reputation the house has earned over the years we can guarantee an evening filled with intrigue, tragedy, and the unexplainable.

In Another Room is a site-specific immersive cific immersive experience where three audience members at a time will get to wander the upstairs floor of a Los Angeles house that has been speculated as being haunted. Audience members will come face to face with various souls that have lived and died within the house’s rooms.

The show will run Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from August 11 through August 27. The show, including check in, will run slightly over 1 hour in length. Tickets will be sold for 5 showtimes a night, with the first show starting at 7:15pm. Only 3 audience members per show. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased at

Tickets are selling out fast, so I encourage all to hurry and buy your ticket. I already have mine and would love for you all to join in this adventure with me. For more updates and information, follow ‘In Another Room’ on Instagram here.

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