EXCLUSIVE: Confirmed Villains And Details For Sony’s ‘Silver and Black’

The connections between Sony’s Spider-Man Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe may still be a little confusing, but we do know they take place in the same reality and, to that end, it’s reasonable to assume that they might eventually share some characters. A while back Splash Report indicated that the movie would feature quite a few Spidey villains, and we can now confirm the accuracy of that report and give some new details as to just what to expect from the long list of Spidey villains headed to the screen in Sony’s Silver and Black.

The film certainly sets up to be an old school action film, in the vein of The Dirty Dozen, and is going to involve a whole slew of characters from Spidey’s rogue’s gallery. While the identities of the villains have already made the rounds, we can provide a little insight into who gets up to what in the film.

Mendel Stromm/Gaunt


Stromm is one of Spidey’s oldest foes, first appearing in 1966 in issue #37 of The Amazing Spider-Man and he’s also already made a film appearance in Sam Raimi’s 2002 Spider-Man. In the film, he followed an important part of his comic book story line as he had a part in creating the formula that would ultimately lead to Norman Osborn becoming the Green Goblin. While the character met a grizzly end at the hands of Osborn in that film, his comic book counterpart had much more to do and it seems as though this new film iteration will as well. In the comics, Stromm became obsessed with robotics and, eventually, became a robot, well a cyborg, going by the name Gaunt.

It’s this version of the character we’ll see in the film, though we can’t be entirely sure what design he will have. Gaunt has a long history with the films lead, Silver Sablinova, and her Symkarian people. Without getting too spoilery, it seems as though Gaunt, in search of human perfection, did some vile experimentation on the Symkarians and now Silver is looking for revenge. Gaunt has continued, maybe even perfected his work, and is enhancing humans with exo-suits. It’s those exo-suits that lead into our next two villains.

Anton Rodriguez/Tarantula

A particularly violent member of a South American terrorist group, Rodriguez was an excellent martial artist, deadly in combat especially with the help of the blades he used as extensions in his gloves and boots. In the film, Rodriguez is one of Stromm’s henchmen out to nab Felicia Hardy. Sent to intercept Felicia and Silver, Rodriguez presents himself as a bit of a ladies’ man before attacking the duo with an exo-boot comparable to the toe blades he used in the comics. The Trantula’s role in the film is a small one, but it’s a nod that fans of the comics should appreciate.

Mac Gargan/Scorpion

This is where the level of cooperation between Marvel Studios and Sony becomes really interesting. With Mac Gargan having played a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming, it’s a little surprising to see him showing up here. While his role in the film is a small one, it does advance the character a little bit in terms of becoming a potential villain for Spidey in the Homecoming sequel, meaning you might have to know what happened in Silver and Black to better understand Gargan’s progression in the MCU. Of course it is totally possible, though it seems unlikely, that Sony’s Gargan won’t be Michael Mando and that this Gargan will be entirely separate, but when Feige and Pascal agree that the films exist in the same reality, it sure seems like the up and coming Mando is going to be the guy. When casting rolls around for this film, it’ll tell us everything we need to know about just how much Marvel and Sony are working together, but for now believe this: Gargan is currently slotted to be in this movie.

Gargan will have a small role in the film, but he will indeed be outfitted by Gaunt with an exo-suit, which we are told will include the scorpion tail. He will come across Silver and Felicia more than once and will return for the film’s action-packed final battle sequence.

Dimitri Smerdyakov/The Chameleon

One of Spidey’s first villains appearing in The Amazing Spider-Man #1, it seems that the Chameleon will have a bit of a different story written for him here. He is Silver’s go to guy for information in South America as he is the man in the know at the Tri-Border of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil where Felicia is hiding. Another small role, Smerdyakov is in the film for only a few scenes trading information with Silver, but it’s enough to have him showoff his trademark ability as a master of disguise.

Lonnie Lincoln/Tombstone

That’s right, Harlem gangster Tombstone is showing up in an international action film! As you may have guessed, he’s after Felicia because she has taken something that belongs to him. Fans will be thrilled to know that he is set to have his trademark look in the film, making him one of the more intimidating looking villains in the film. The role is just a small one, but it does enough to establish his presence as a bad dude.

We are just getting started on our coverage of Sony’s Silver and Black. Check back this week for much, much more on the upcoming film!

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