Enter The Labyrinth In Kill The Minotaur #2

The death of Theseus and Pirithous’ inside-man has made a major hurdle in Kill The Minotaur #2.

Daedalus had recruited the pair to kill King Minos, but when Minos discovered the plan and literally served Daedalus’ head on a platter it complicated things.  Theseus was also poisoned as he collapsed trying to rush Minos.

Minos sent Theseus to the Labyrinth, but while he was exploring the maze he comes across a mysterious masked woman.  She advises him to not drink the water and gives him some drinking water and a sword.

While exploring the Labyrinth Theseus finds the other Athenian tributes and his friend Pirithous.  The group hears a scream and rush over to investigate.  This is when they first see the carnage the minotaur has caused, but Theseus doesn’t believe it is a half-man and half-bull.  He thinks it is a boar or some kind of other animal.

A character who was a Cretan guard and is now in the Labyrinth is introduced in this issue.  I looked up his name and it doesn’t match up to his character at all.  The recycling of a name from Greek Mythology I don’t love, but I am very interested in the character.  I can’t help but wonder what purpose he will serve.  He could be an ally to the group or a hindrance and I can’t wait to find out.

The  Labyrinth was beautiful, vast and immensely detailed.  When I first saw the  Labyrinth I let out an audible “wow” which I could not hold in.  It had rivers flowing all through it with waterfalls everywhere.  Massive statues dotted the maze with no purpose other than decadence.  

Jean-Francois Beaulieu and Lukas Ketner did a great job of capturing the splendor of the Labyrinth.  It should be a very treacherous environment with the complexity of the maze and surroundings.  I loved how they included beautiful statues and waterfalls.  It is perfect how the only people who will see the beauty will die soon after.

This issue had the modern curse words like the previous.  I love this addition to the comic.  It adds a great deal more relatability and realism.  If something like this happen now I guarantee that that teenage hero will be dropping “F” bombs like Theseus.

Some things which I did not like about this issue is that it is a little uneventful.  It is in the Labyrinth now, but it has not added anything besides that.  This issue just introduced the  Labyrinth and it only showed a small fraction of it.

I wanted more game planning on how to deal with the minotaur and then the escape.  However, I know the story of Theseus and the Labyrinth so I may just be trying to skip ahead in the story.  It is just such a cool story I can’t help it.






Written by: Christian Cantamessa and Chris Pasetto

Art by: Lukas Ketner and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Cover by:  Lukas Ketner and Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Release: 7/19/2017

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics


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