Domino Hits the Ground with New Deadpool 2 Image

First-Look at Domino

UPDATE (8/1): added photo from Bill Corso’s Instagram.

After fans had busted through the doors of Hall H over a week ago for the 20th Century Fox panel at SDCC ’17, they were disappointed with absolutely ZERO news on any of the X-Men franchises. (Although Noah Hawley did announce at the end of the Legion panel that he is working on a Dr. Doom movie with Fox.)

However, fans got a little treat from the comforts of their own seats this morning. Ryan Reynolds just tweeted this brand-spanking new image from the highly-anticipated Deadpool 2.

It was reported earlier this year that Zazie Beetz (Alanta) would be playing Neena Thurman, a.k.a the mercenary known as Domino. Similar to an image we have previously seen with Deadpool laying down on top of a bear rug, we finally get to see our first look at Domino doing the same on top of a rug-like Deadpool.

Here's a better look #Domino Fascinating to see everyone's reactions to this gorgeous creature. This happens to be a case of casting the best person for the job. Someone who could bring something original to the table while still being strong, sexy and with enough personality to go head to head with the Merc with a mouth. Not an easy combination to find. And for those missing her signature look, trust me- the slightly talented Makeup Designer, I've done this stuff once or twice, we tried every look you could think of and went with the look that rocked the hardest! #Trust #the #specialists #makeup #beauty #makeupartist #deadpool #sexy #smart #luck #hero #comicbook #woman #fighter #nojoke #damn #marvel #fox #movie #vitaligo #beautiful

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If this says anything about her character, we can definitely expect Domino to take over any situation that Deadpool tends to screw up; hopefully assisted by her abilities of telekinetically altering probability to her favor, as we’re accustomed to seeing her in the comic book version. (You know she’ll need it!)

Do you guys like what you see? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters on June 1, 2018.


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