Comic Rewind: Wolverine: Get Mystique

Wolverine and Mystique are in a deadly game of cat and mouse in Wolverine: Get Mystique.

Following Mystique’s betrayal of the X-Men in the Messiah Complex storyline Cyclops asks Wolverine to hunt down and kill Mystique.  Cyclops originally wanted his covert ops team, X-Force, to take her down, but Wolverine said he needed to do it alone.

Wolverine and Mystique have had a long history together.  This comic goes into that history and begins with them first meeting.

The pair were set to die by firing squad by the Mexican army in 1921.  They begin to pull off robberies together and assemble a little criminal gang.

Wolverine: Get Mystique was written by Jason Aaron with art by Ron Garney.  Marvel Comics published the volume in 2008.

This comic really made Mystique seem as dangerous as she is even without her shapeshifting powers.  She is very cunning and willing to sacrifice civilians to reach her goal.  Wolverine is always one step behind her, but he always catches up.  Quite a few times the only way Mystique was able to escape was because she had innocent people around her and Wolverine didn’t want to hurt them.

It was interesting seeing them hating each other in the present to the two loving each other in the past.  They were on the same path, but Wolverine turned his life around and became a hero.  Mystique stayed on the criminal path and may never be able to be saved.

I was surprised with how much unintentional humor was in the book.  Wolverine tracks down Mystique and is about to kill her, but then some civilians get involved and he has to deal with them.  It was like “oh come on why can’t Wolverine catch a break?”

The same kind of humor happened every time Wolverine caught up with Mystique.  I could almost feel her disbelief at being caught so quickly.

As far as Wolverine solo stories go this is right in the middle.  It is not even close to being the best, but it is not bad.

I wanted a little more drama and action.  Wolverine fights a lot of people but he always does it off screen.  He is a badass fighting machine, but I don’t get to see what he is best at in this comic.  The drama was lacking as well.  I never once felt Wolverine was in danger of failing his mission or dieing for good.

There was not much on the relationship between Wolverine and Mystique.  All which was said about their relationship was that they had one.  I wanted to see the relationship develop.

This is a good light reading comic.  A perfect comic to introduce new readers to Wolverine and Mystique, but experienced readers may find it lacking.


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