Comic Rewind: The Strange Talent Of Luther Strode

A teenage boy tired of being bullied and victimized orders a book which will change his life in The Strange Talent of Luther Strode.

Luther Strode is your average nerdy teenage boy.  He is bullied relentlessly and his father is physically abusive.  Strode and his mother are in hiding from his father and to protect himself and his mom he orders a book.

The Hercules Method is designed to focus the mind, body and spirit on a single goal.  Using this method the user will get buff and be able to bring all three under conscious control.  Strode knows he was probably ripped off, but he is out of options.

As he follows the lessons in the book his reflexes quicken, strength increases and starts to get buff.  His crush also starts to notice and they start dating.  Strode takes his new power and starts fighting crime. Things are coming up Strode until the sender of the book takes notice.

The Strange Talent of Luther Strode is written by Justin Jordan. Art is by Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro.  Image Comics published the comic in 2012.

Usually I only review comics I have never read, but today I am reviewing one of my favorite comics.  I just love this so much and no one has read it.

The theme of having a book which can make a skinny chump into a buff stud is based on a real book.  The ad was printed in comic books in the 1930s and into the ‘40s.  

I love using a real thing and taking it into the worst case scenario.  It is a monkey paw be careful what you wish for kind of story.  This great gift had become a terrible burden and I love those kind of stories.

This comic is very violent and gory.  In many panels Strode and his entire environment is covered in blood.  Having a hero who is willing to take it to the next level is refreshing with DC and Marvel not really going there.  It is more in the vein of Invincible which I also love.

The comic is strangely high tension, but also very fun.  A lot of people die and in very graphic ways, but it was never sad to see them die.  In The Walking Dead when a character dies I am really bummed.  However, in this comic I don’t have that kind of attachment so I don’t care as much.  I am in fact excited because I get to see Strode’s revenge.

It is very easy to read this comic.  Every page you read pulls you into the next and is a book I couldn’t put down.  The pacing is very fast, but is never overwhelming.

The art by Moore is really good and is unlike any other artist in comics.  He has a very distinct style with the way he draws people.  Moore’s design of people is unrealistic, but not in a bad way.  When you see his art you know who is drawing it immediately.

This book has almost everything I love in comics.  It has the power fantasy, action, fight scenes, gore, revenge and most of all a badass dude doing badass things.

The Luther Strode series has three volumes, but this is the only one which is any good unfortunately.  Following volumes do not capture the fun of this volume.  They focus on Strode fighting people, but have no real lead up to the fight.  He just finds a guy with similar power to him and then they fight basically.

Like I said earlier this is one of my favorite comics of all time.  It is an easy read which is like riding the best 5 second roller coaster ever made and I mean that in the best possible way.  


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