BLEACH Creator Tite Kubo Reveals Unseen Character Designs

Even though Bleach may have ended a year ago it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some never before seen character designs. Since the series ended, Bleach fans haven’t had much to satisfy their appetite, until now. Tite Kubo is back in the news with some unseen Bleach character designs. Recently, while celebrating the two year anniversary of Bleach Brave Souls, a developer was talking about the spin-off “Can’t Fear Your Own World,” the crew revealed the unseen penned designs.

The image is of, the co-lieutenant of the Soul Society’s 9th Division, Shuhei Hisagi in his civilian clothes and instead of his Zanpakuto, he has an electric guitar. He also happens to be the main character of the spin-off. Other characters featured in the sketches are Grimmjow, Aura, Yukio, Bambietta, and Rudborn.



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