Birthright Volume Five Chugging Along At A Snail’s Pace

Mikey got captured by the mages in issue 20, but what are their plans for him in Birthright Volume Five?

After Mikey was captured by Kylen and Mastema his family goes after him for a rescue attempt.

Meanwhile at Mastema’s home Mikey’s mom, Wendy, and his baby-momma, Rya, are trying to find a way out as well.  Rya gives us a glimpse into her youth and being raised by the orc, Rook.  She also talks about training Mikey to defeat Lore.

Rya reveals to Wendy she is in love with Mikey and he is the only man she has ever loved.  This is a big reveal because we knew Mikey was the baby-daddy, but we didn’t know if they were in a relationship or if it was a one time thing.  However, we don’t know if Mikey loves Rya the same way.

A great deal of the volume is the two halves of Mikey’s family, his mom and baby-momma coming together with his dad, brother and grandfather.  

I enjoyed this series as a whole, but I do not like the pace it is taking.  This entire volume takes place at one location.  The problem is the previous volume’s worth of issues took place at one location as well.  There has been been a setup for something major to happen for so long time and it never happens.

We get little things like a death or finding out Mastema is Lore’s daughter, but I am waiting for Lore’s invasion level of big.  I would also like to see the Nevermind separated from Mikey.  They keep teasing it but it never happens.

The world of Terrenos is really interesting to me and they explore it really briefly.  It is like learning about Frodo Baggins before and after The Lord of the Rings, but only briefly speaking about the ring and Sauron.  I want to hear about the journey.

This little boy growing up in this war-torn world with swords and mages sounds awesome.  I want to know how he went from a zero to a hero, did he have any cool adventures and who were the interesting characters he met along the way?  However, we don’t get much info on that.

This story has ton of interesting characters, but it  is almost like coming into a story half way through.  Joshua Williamson should do a prequel comic about Terrenos and I will buy it immediately.

In the next few issues I hope we get some real plot development because it is starting to get real frustrating.

The art was really good.  I liked the bright color choices because it made everything so colorful and hopeful.  Almost the whole series has been about how the chosen one has not only failed but has joined the villain.  The art makes me feel there is still hope.  They also did some real great gross and gory scenes.

I liked the volume and it is heavy on action which I love, but it is also light on much plot development.






Written by: Joshua Williamson

Art by:  Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Cover by: Andrei Bressan and Adriano Lucas

Release: 7/12/2017

Volume: 5

Publisher: Image Comics


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