After 27 Years Alex Vincent Returns as ‘Andy Barclay’ in Cult of Chucky.


You didn’t think we were finished with America’s favorite ‘Good Guy’ doll, right?

This week delivered the first trailer for the SEVENTH installment in the Child’s Play series. As with the previous film; creator, director, and writer Don Mancini sticks to the moody atmosphere that was famous in Child’s Play. Curse of Chucky was released four years ago and grossed $3.4 million dollars in home entertainment sales. The film was a surprise critical hit earning an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Making his return to the protagonist role is Alex Vincent, who played ‘Andy’ in the first two films. I was watching Child’s Play with some friends last night and I adamantly told someone that Andy wasn’t in the third one. Come to realize that my friend was talking about the character and I had been talking about the actor, hehe. Child’s Play 3 was released in 1991, only a year after its predecessor. Because Child’s Play 3 takes place eight years after the events of Child’s Play 2 the filmmakers were forced to recast Vincent’s role.

Let’s get to breaking down the trailer shall we?

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