Early Thoughts on Xbox One Exclusive Sea of Thieves


In a world where FPS’s make up the majority of multiplayer games Sea of Thieves aims to add a bit of diversity. Sea of Thieves is an expansive multiplayer pirate adventure game. In the interview above, the Design Director Mike Chapman offers up that they took inspiration from one of my favorite game series, Monkey Island. Monkey Island started as an old school point and click adventure from Lucasarts, much in the same vein as Loom, Indiana Jones, and Maniac Mansion. If Sea of Thieves is able to capture even just an essence of the humor, the engrossing story, and the fun I had playing those games, I know I’ll be a fan.

While the game is multiplayer, just like most new games, they’ve chosen not to include split screen co-op. While I find it a shame that a lot of newer games are making it harder for people to hang out together and play games in person, I understand why, especially for a game like this. I’ve never been a fan of top/bottom splits and a side-by-side split would force them into a 4:3 mode, both options significantly reduce visibility on screen and take away from the visuals of the game.

It’s not clear yet how the game will be updated, whether there will be regular episodes being released or DLC packs with large expansions and no word yet on how any of this will be priced. I think it’s safe to say the core game will most likely be $59.99 with optional bundles including a season pass, weapons, clothing, maybe a physical collectors edition, I doubt there will be a monthly cost, but who knows for sure yet?

For more about this game directly from E3 2017, check out our interview at the top of the article!

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