Woah! Dragon Ball Super’s New Promotional Art Features a Battle Torn Goku!

Dragon Ball Super’s New Promotional Art Features a Battle Torn Goku!

Earlier this morning, Dragon Ball Super’s official Twitter page tweeted an image of Goku with his Gi tattered and his back torn.

Many fans have taken to Twitter to debate if this is hinting at a new transformation for Goku.

Goku’s hair is not base form, nor is it Super Saiyan, it’s in the middle; however his aura is a mix of colors. Some have argued that this look is similar to Gohan’s Mystic transformation and may be a God-like variation of it.

Perhaps this is the true form of a Super Saiyan God. But maybe, it’s just Goku mid-transformation and the color represents the various forms of transformations he can already achieve.

Last episode we saw the shock on Goku’s face when he realized how powerful his opponents will be. Shock is much different from his usual excitement at strong opponents and maybe now Goku has realized how serious this tournament is. This time not only is the fate of his friends and family on the line but so is the existence of his universe itself! So will Goku have a new transformation to help defeat his challengers?

Either way, Goku is going to have the toughest fight of his life starting July 2nd, when the Tournament of Power Kicks off in Dragon Ball Super “Survive! The Tournament of Power Begins at Last!!

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You can read the original tweet below, which (roughly) translates to:

“”Tournament of Power” opening celebration! Get a new visual poster (not for sale) to 5 people by lottery ☆ Follow this account & enter this tweet at RT! Deadline is the 97th episode where “Power Competition “Begins Broadcast July 2nd (Sun) 9am! Broadcast date / time varies depending on the area”

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