STAR WARS: HAN SOLO Film’s Alden Ehrenreich Had A Bad Feeling About This

Alden Ehrenreich managed to snag one of the most coveted and exciting roles in Hollywood when he was cast as the young Han Solo after making his film debut in 2009’s Tetro. He went through six months’ of auditions for the role and his take on the character is being described as fresh and original, while still honoring the essentials of the character. Nobody at Lucasfilm had any doubts that the young actor was the right choice to bring young Han Solo to life, and there have even been rumors about possibly making a Han Solo sequel with Ehrenreich reprising the role., One of the biggest Star Wars fansites out there, has pieced together some pretty remarkable details on all of the drama that played out behind the scenes of the film including the role Alden Ehrenreich played in everything. According to the report, as production went on, that Lord and Miller’s strong element of screwball comedy made Ehrenreich feel increasingly uncomfortable. One Lucasfilm insider actually compared it to Jim Carrey’s performance in Ace Ventura, and something about it just wasn’t sitting comfortably with Ehrenreich and finally, he had enough. Apparently, Ehrenreich raised concerns with one of the film’s producers, who informed Lucasfilm head, Kathleen Kennedy. She then decided to review the existing footage, according to the report. Many others that have seen scenes from the film have been had nothing but positives things to say about it. This is why fans were pretty confused when the rumors began to surface about “creative conflicts.” It’s only when all the scenes were put together, though, that Kathleen Kennedy realized that something just wasn’t working, StarWarsNews.Net‘s sources say. It was reported yesterday that there was a high degree of improv and a screwball tone that wasn’t faithful to the original script that Lawrence Kasdan wrote. Ironically, Kasdan, who encouraged Lucasfilm to hire the duo in the first place, reportedly pushed hard for their dismissal.

Interestingly enough,’s source says that there was even a continuity error that would have driven fans crazy, and the directors wouldn’t budge on it. It looks like ultimately Lord and Miller were pretty much given an ultimatum, our way or the highway, and the duo chose to keep doing the film there way. “They thought they were brought on to make a Phil and Chris movie,” a source close to the directors told EW, adding that they don’t feel any anger at Ron Howard: “Somebody has to take over the movie.” Lucasfilm seemed to have called a hiatus on the production of the Star Wars spinoff for a couple weeks while they catch Ron Howard up to speed and the company is expecting to order extensive reshoots on the project according to Entertainment Weekly.

The last two days a lot of fans have been enraged and fumed over Kennedy’s decision. With any production, there’s plenty of blame to go around but the person that shines in this situation is Alden Ehrenreich for speaking up when he felt the character was being dishonored. Now that’s the bravery we want to see in a Han Solo!



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