Set Sails with Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls #2

IDW Publishing’s The Powerpuff Girls #2 Review

Mojo Jo Jo has separated the Powerpuff Girls throughout time in IDW’s The Powerpuff Girls, and the super powered tikes need to find their way back to the present to stop the evil monkey.

Bubbles recaps the story’s plot

If you’re just coming into the story like I am, don’t worry, Bubbles explains the plot — twice.

The Powerpuff Girls #2 “The Time Tie,” is pure fun. If you’re looking for deep insight into the human psyche, then this comic isn’t for you, and why would you want insight into the human psyche in a Powerpuff Girls comic anyways?

You get exactly what you could hope for in a Bubbles centric issue. It’s so much fun to see Bubbles take on the captain of a pirate ship hunting for treasure persona. There are some great fight scenes between pirates and monsters, all while Bubbles is giggling and being the kind hearted hero we have come to love.

Powerpuff Girls #2 includes a fun easter egg as well, like Mr. Mayor looking pretty similar to Cap’n Crunch.

Artist and colorist Philip Murphy and colorist Leonardo Ito do a beautiful job. It fits the style of the show and is the perfect color palette for a sea adventure.

It looks like Powerpuff Girls #3 will feature Buttercup in old-timey England. I can’t imagine Buttercup conceding to the strict rules of social class during that time period, so it should be fun to see her yell and punch her way back to the present. I haven’t read issue 1 yet, but if it’s anything like issue 2, then this series promises to be lots of fun.

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