IMAGE COMICS PALKIS #2 is Bursting With Unreleased Potential

A new anthology comic with three distinct science fiction stories which include A Empty Shell in the Ocean, Amnia Cycle and Sagittarius A* included in Paklis #2.

Two men are looking for a man and have him under surveillance in A Empty Shell in the Ocean.  The pair see the man in an apartment talking to a woman.  They decide to talk to the woman to see what she knows.

She denies ever seeing the man before and invites one man to look around her apartment.  We get the story of the woman’s grandmother who lives with her.  When the grandmother was young she did some modeling and she was once recognized on the street.  This gave her a frozen smile on her face and she was unable to move from that day on.

I liked where I thought this comic was going.  It seemed like the a story ripped right out of an anime.  The story was a noir crime mystery and I love that genre, but then it made a sharp turn into the confusing and unsatisfying.

As the man is leaving her apartment a guy who looks just like his partner with the same name and same face but a robot body tries to punch him.  It is not explained who this guy is or why he looks exactly like his partner.

All of a sudden the man looking for the other man and the woman are in a relationship of some kind.  His partner gives him a picture of her when she was a child.  I don’t understand who this man and his partner are.  They could be assassins, cops, bounty hunters or gang members.  The issue never explained who these men are.

I wish I got more depth to this story because it hooked me in, but then quickly pushed me away.

The second story, Amnia Cycle, is a continuation of the story from the previous volume.

Tara Donnia is a recon pilot and finds Amnia in her crashed spaceship wreckage.  Donnia takes it upon herself to help Amnia with her mission.  The two are separated and Amnia is taken, but Donnia is hot on her trail.

Donnia is just following the trail of the Nuriel aliens who took Amnia.  However, back at Donnia’s base her ex-boyfriend is organizing a rescue mission to save Donnia and Amnia.

The parts with Donnia in this issue were really boring.  She is just flying her ship in almost every scene.

However, the scenes back at her base were much more interesting.  I learned a bit of background of the characters on the base. In the next issue I think the two groups will converge and the mystery of Amnia will begin to come unraveled.

The third story of Sagittarius A* is also a continuation from the previous issue.

I really was interested in how this story progressed.  Major Rad’s father dying, but him going out to space to find him is interesting.  I wanted to see what he meant and how he was going to find his dead father.

Unfortunately the Sagittarius A* story is just one page and is just Rad arriving at a spaceport.

All the premises in this issue and series as a whole so far are really interesting, but the execution in this issue was not what I wanted.  Each story left me disappointed.  I really hope the next issue picks up the pace because I have become invested in the two ongoing stories.






Written by: Dustin Weaver and D.J. Bryant

Art by: Dustin Weaver

Cover by: Dustin Weaver

Release: 6/28/2017

Issue: 2

Publisher: Image Comics


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