JUSTICE LEAGUE: Check Out Cyborg’s Mother Box In Mattel’s New Cyborg Origins Collector’s Item

A couple weeks ago Mattel showed off their Justice League action figure lineup. Now Mattel has just given us our first look at their Cyborg Origins figure from the Justice League movie. The figure will be a San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive and gives us new details of Victor Stone’s (Ray Fisher) transformation into Cyborg and features multiple Mother Boxes.

The collectible figure features new details on the Mother Boxes that we’ll be seeing in Zack Snyder’s Justice League film. One big detail we noticed was that the Mother Box that fuses with Vic is known as “Man’s World” Mother Box. Another detail is that the Man’s World Mother Box is encased in another box, which we see being buried in the Comic-Con footage from last year.

When opened, the inside of the collector’s box also features a character description for Cyborg.

After a catastrophic accident leaves Victor Stone mortally injured, his father, brilliant scientist Dr. Silas Stone, replaces the damaged parts of Vic’s body with experimental cybernetic pieces. In a last, desperate attempt to save him, Silas activates the mysterious alien artifact known as the Mother Box. Its energy revives Victor, and also fuses the cybernetic implants to his body. Half man, half machine, a powerful super hero arises: Cyborg!

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