A Hardboiled Elmer Fudd is Hunting Batman in Batman/ Elmer Fudd Special #1

Batman/ Elmer Fudd Special #1 Review

“My name is Elmer Fudd. I’m hunting wabbits.”

Page 1 is all I needed to sell me on DC’s Batman/ Elmer Fudd Special #1. I’m a sucker for a hardboiled noir and the opening screams a good mystery story.

Elmer has lost the woman he loves and is seeking vengeance, which leads him to partner with vengeance incarnate, The Batman!

For a brief second, I was upset to find Looney Tunes characters drawn as people instead of their usual animal self, but I quickly remembered this story takes place in Batman’s world, and though talking animals isn’t farfetched for Batman, it wouldn’t work in this gritty story.

Bugs “The Bunny”

Most of the story takes place inside of “Porky’s,” a bar for “hawd men,” as Fudd puts it. It houses most of the Looney Tunes cast as people. The noir style makes sense. Batman and Looney Tunes debuted around the same time that noir films were hot. In Batman/ Elmer Fudd Special #1, they all work seamlessly together.

Author Tom King is known for bringing the real world into his writing. Batman/ Elmer Fudd feels very real. Aside from a man dressed as a bat, there is nothing not grounded in reality. In classic noir style, the whole plot is a mystery surrounding a Dame.

Artists Lee Weeks and Byron Vaughns do a sensational job. Batman returns to his classic look with the underwear on the outside and blue highlights on his cape and cowl. The fight scenes take use of perspective to deliver action-packed panels. Dark shadows and muted hidden figures help create the atmosphere.

If you’re upset that you didn’t get to see your favorite Looney Tunes characters in their normal comical fashion, don’t be, because there is a second story in the book, which brings Batman into the Looney Tunes world for some classic Looney Tunes fun.

The second story was funnier than I expected. The acronym “lol” gets thrown around a lot, but I truly laughed out loud at the hijinks Batman, Bugs, and Fudd get into.

Written: Tom King

Art: Lee Weeks

Backup Art: Byron Vaughns

Variant Cover: Bob Fingerman

Release: 6/28/2017

Issue: 1

Publisher: DC Comics

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