First Reaction From EA Press Conference


During the EA Press Conference, new games and content were revealed such as Madden 18 Long Shot, FIFA 18, Need For Speed: Payback, A Way Out, Anthem, Battlefield 1, and of course Battlefront 2. Watch the video above to see our live stream reactions on all the game announcements as well as Sam and myself talking about video games in general.

What Was Revealed During The Press Conference

Battlefield 1 we can expect to see new maps and a new expansion as well as new assignments

Need For Speed: Payback we will be getting 3 different characters with 3 different storylines

Anthem was a lightly teased new IP by Bioware, but we only got a taste of what the storyline will be about and it looks like it might revolve around some badass mechas. We can expect to see more on this game during tomorrow’s Microsoft Press Conference

A Way Out is a co-op focused game that gives us a Far Cry meets Metal Gear Solid feel roughly about two men who escape from prison

Battlefront 2 debuted their online multiplayer gameplay, Assault on Theed. During the gameplay we got a look at Darth Maul, Boba Fett and ship combat. They also mentioned a couch co-op mode, 20 v 20 multiplayer games and announced that all future content will be free to play with purchase of the game.

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