The Fall And Rise Of Captain Atom #6 Falls Into Dog Doo-Doo

After narrowly escaping from Captain Atom we see that Ultramax has one last option in The Fall and Rise of Captain Atom #6.

As issue #5 ended we see Atom confront General Eiling about hiding Atom’s son.  Ultramax shows up and Atom and Ultramax fight in a quantum field with Ultramax slipping away.  The issue ended with Ultramax looking at all of the pictures of all the targets Ultramax has been killing with only Eiling remaining.

This issue starts with a flashback to Eiling hiring Ultramax back when he was still Max Thrane, professional hitman.  

When Atom and Ultramax were fighting they phased through each other and Atom saw the memory of Eiling hiring Thrane.  Atom confronts him about it and Eiling admits he was the one to tip off the authorities and send Thrane to prison.

Unfortunately for Atom when he and Ultramax passed through each other Ultramax saw one of Atom’s memories as well.  The memory he saw was of Atom’s son and he kidnapped him.  However, Ultramax did kill him and is instead hold him hostage in exchange for Eiling.

I hated this issue and the series as a whole.  However, it started with such cool time travel science fiction elements.  

Having a villain show up in the basically the second to last issue was a terrible choice.  Ultramax had zero build up and just appears out of nowhere to become the villain.  His character is one dimensional and as bland as can be.

Ultramax’s abilities were confusing to me as well.  Atom has had his abilities for years, but Ultramax had his for let’s be generous and say two weeks.  Why is that Ultramax is able to match Atom’s power?  Atom should have a ton of tricks and have a much greater understanding of his power, but Atom is only slightly better at them then Ultramax.

A huge complaint I had was a bunch of dialog was cliche as hell.  In the scene with Eiling hiring Thrane Eiling uses phrases like “a particular set of skills.”  A few others are “Cayman Island account, disavow any knowledge of your actions and this message and vehicle will self-destruct.”  That last one was straight out of Inspector Gadget.  These lines as so lazy and obviously not original. 

A huge error was made in this issue as well.  At one point we get an exterior shot with a character complaining about why they are being woken up at 3 a.m., but it is bright with the sun out.

The only thing positive I can say about this issue and the series as a whole is that it is over.  It is sad because it started so good with the time travel stuff.




Written by: Cary Bates and Greg Weisman

Art by: Will Conrad and Ivan Nunes

Cover by: Anna Dittmann

Release: 6/7/2017

Issue: 6

Publisher: DC


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