EXCLUSIVE: New Characters Appearing In X-MEN: DARK PHOENIX Revealed

“Lucca”-Karl Lykos

If you’re a comic book reader, you’re thinking, “Sauron?” Yep, this might be the introduction of Sauron, one of the X-Men’s oldest foes. While many people can only think of Sauron in pterodactyl form, he’s shown the ability to transform from pterodactyl to human and back. Either way, Lykos has powerful hypnotic powers and is able to drain the life from his victims, making him a terrifying possibility as a foe for the young heroes. If Lykos is involved, it might mean we are finally going to be introduced to the Savage Land!


“Jack”-Jason Wyngarde

Jason Wyngarde, aka the Mastermind, is a powerful telepath whose ability allows him to plant illusions within the minds of others. As Mastermind, he’s shown enough power to enter the minds of Jean Grey and Charles Xavier, two of the most powerful psionic mutants on Earth. In the comics, Wyngarde had an interesting turn with Jean that left him quite a mess.


“Luna”-Lani Urbana


Lani is another member of the team who, if we’re right, has ties to the Savage Land. Lani’s powers allow her to act as a siren: her voice hypnotizes men and puts them under her control. Given her character description, it would seem that she’ll be filling this role and be tasked with distracting the attention of the young men on the team.






The Dark Phoenix story opens a door to the Cosmic for Fox’s X-Men universe and when you think about the X-Men’s Cosmic adventures, you probably think of Shi’ar. The character breakdown screams Mentor, an ultra-intelligent and fiercely loyal member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard. Also provided by Omega Underground, audition videos of actor Toby Huss indicate that “Hoover” is in from an alien race and has cracked a human language, so we’re feeling fairly confident in this one. While it’s not clear how large of a role the Shi’ar will play, we expect that they’ll be making their debut in X-Men: Dark Phoenix!





Another long time member of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Oracle (who also went by the alias Sybil). Oracle is the Shi’ar’s telepath and a formidable combatant. The breakdown indicates that some sort of prior physical training would be a bonus and that there will be a fair amount of harness work, indicating that this character may be flying. That fits pretty well here as, in the comics, all members of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard were capable of flight via anti-gravity patches. Oracle is a nice fit here, but this character could also be fellow Imperial Guard member Manta.




BONUS-Lilandra Neramini

A member of the Shi’ar royal family, Lilandra revolted against her own family as a freedom fighter for her people. She formed a psychic link with Charles Xavier, with whom she later fell in love, and together with the X-Men, they helped save the world through the power of the Phoenix force which had entirely possessed Jean Grey. While there is no character breakdown for her, it broke earlier today that Jessica Chastain is in talks for the role!

The rest of the characters really provided a challenge. I’m certain that “President Anderson” is just the president and if I didn’t know he had already been in a film, I’d say that “Shane” was Sean Cassidy, aka Banshee (an audition video even shows that the role is played as Irish). “Doctor Clark” and “Charlotte” seem like they could be tied in with the role of “Marie” and it’s possible that “Hamilton” does as well, though he could be just about any kid.

As much fun as we had with this, we had a couple of ideas that we thought were pretty interesting and worth sharing. Though the characters involved are from the Hellfire Club, we wouldn’t be surprised if they instead became an iteration of the Evil Brotherhood of Mutants and were actively recruiting players like Sunfire, “Shane” and “Calvin” to their ranks.


With filming slated to begin June 15th, we won’t have too awful long to wait to find out how we did on our guesses!

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