Power Ranger Ninja Steel will return in the fall of 2017 but it debuted to mixed reviews. There were complaints by fans that it doesn’t seem ninja focused, even though it’s a part of the title, and the lack of strong storytelling didn’t help much.  The latter could be changing though. We caught up with Peter Sudarso, who play Preston, the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger, and he reassured us that long time fans have much to look forward to.

THS: I do have to ask about Power Rangers Ninja Steel. If you’re down I got a little quiz for you, but you’re pretty-much-done shooting. I know you still have a little more work to do. What can we expect to see, without spoilers, what can we expect to see from your season upcoming?

PETER SUDARSO: Definitely a lot more drama. I think our season is very story oriented. It’s, in my opinion, one of the best seasons. I know that it sounds bias because I’m in it, but even from an outsiders perspective, I think every character gets a full arc, every character gets a fleshed out storyline. At the end of the day, obviously, it’s still more kids-centric.

THS: Even Vic and Monty?

PETER SUDARSO: Even Vic and Monty! Yeah! I love Victor and Monty! Those guys are incredibly hilarious, great actors, and just really nice guys. 

Chip Lynn, the lead writer and Executive Producer of the series started off with a strong season in Power Rangers Dino Charge with many fans praising it, but many it soon hit many roadblocks and missed opportunities in Power Rangers Dino Supercharge. We’re hoping Chip has learned from his mistakes on Dino Supercharge and Saban has listened to its fan base, giving us a more story driven season like we’ve seen done with Time Force or the Disney era’s SPD and RPM.  Chip is responsible for some of the best seasons in history so we have faith in Peter’s words and Chip as a showrunner. Also, with the rumblings of a large team up, this could move Ninja Steel into being one of our most anticipated seasons yet.


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